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Who are we? 

Introducing ourselves

What if there was a software design agency that was design-led with three decades of engineering experience behind it?

The thinking being that design and engineering, when working together, can change how people experience the world.

It was this thinking that inspired Hatch Head to start a new design agency focusing on digital products. In just 18 months, Hatch Head were recognised internationally and at home for design work for big and small companies, both local and international.

We believe software is the journey, not the destination. That how we experience the world, while it's changed, is still about people. It's more vital than ever that in our tech-rich world that the most important parts are still and will always be about being human.

The heart of a designer with the head of an engineer. That's Hatch Head.

The Hatch Head team working around a table

The Team

The people behind your success

Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton

Director, Design director

Brent Wallace

Brent Wallace

Director, Product strategy

Our core values

These are the things that drive everything we do at Hatch Head

There are no heroes

We collaborate with each other and our clients. We welcome healthy debate and challenging ourselves to find the best outcome.

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Understand the why

We are deliberate in what we do, we have conviction in our decisions while open to being persuaded. If we don’t know the why, we find it.

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It’s all in the work

There is a difference between doing the work and doing good work. We don’t become complacent, and we deliver high quality always.

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Go beyond the brief

We are the ones that go the extra mile to be great, not just good. We know a B is not the same as an A.

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To provide the design behind our clients' success.

We use design and technology to help businesses be market-leaders, moving faster, and delivering more value.

The hatch head team working around a table

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