The essential dental clinic needs bundled and delivered monthly.

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Creating something new. A service tailored for all dental clinic needs

Always is a subscription service that delivers an Always box which contains everything you need to keep your clinic on-track.

We were asked to help create the app to desktop and mobile devices to cater for new and growing features, environments and clinician needs.

The Challenge

If time is money, then how much is disposable?

After conducting thorough research across various dental clinics, we found that it typically takes up to 16 steps, equating to roughly 4 hours each week, to order and replenish disposable supplies at a clinic.

Our aim was to streamline this process with Always, reducing the process to four steps and essentially eliminating the need to constantly reorder stock. Our approach not only offers convenience but also simplifies operations for dental clinics and their staff.

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It has been exceptional working with Brent and Andrew from Hatch Head. They bring a wealth of experience and creativity to the table. They were able to bring creative solutions to problems by keeping open minds and unique perspectives throughout the process. Their professionalism throughout the journey allowed prompt delivery of product.
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Always website within 2 iPads