UI Design

UI & Interaction design is used to shape the look and feel of your product. It encompasses the colours, fonts, imagery, icons & animations.

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When do you need UI & Interaction Design?
  • Improve the aesthetic look & "feel" of your product
  • Create a feeling of delight and professionalism
  • Invoke unique elements of your brand into your product experience
  • Create initial interest and desire in potential users

User Interface (UI) and interaction design is the aesthetic choices that define what the user sees. It encompass colours, fonts, imagery, animations and the overall ‘look and feel’ of a product. In recent years, creating an aesthetic look that is consistent is being made possible with new tools and approaches, as well as off-the-shelf kits that can be modified to fit a certain tone. This has created a standard of quality that is impossible to ignore. These days, users have strong expectations that are, unfairly or not, set by the digital giants of Apple, Netflix, Uber and others.

UI Design
What deliverables can you expect from UI & Interaction?
  • Design Systems
  • Style guides
  • Iconography Library
  • Animation Assets